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Film Festival Lounge is a review website designed to allow filmmakers to share their film festival experiences for the benefit of other filmmakers. As festival-goers ourselves we’ve noticed that a favorite topic of discussion among filmmakers at festivals – is other festivals. Whether happy or horror stories, filmmakers love to gossip, vent, and brag about swanky swag, hospitality, lost tapes, destroyed prints, parties, networking opportunities, quality of films, food, submission fees, etc.

Of course, festivals do tend to change – one year they offer hotel rooms, the next year tents; one year the parties are incredible, the next year budget cuts move them to grandma’s basement – but more often than not, last year’s filmmaker is the best source of information for this year’s festival.

So please contribute your festival experiences to Film Festival Lounge and help guide your fellow filmmaker while giving kudos or critique to festival organizers, and next time you want to learn more about a film festival stop here to get an idea of what you’re in for!

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