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Leipzig, Germany

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  1. friendlyanimator
    January 7th, 2015 at 04:10 | #1

    I attended DOK Leipzig with 2 animated shorts in 2014. It was pretty big, with at least 10 venues spread out throughout the city, but all within a 10 minute walking distance, max. The programming was great, both for the animations and the documentaries. There were a lot of events where you could hear from producers or distributors and get a chance to meet them (though a lot of these were more appropriate for German filmmakers). A lot of purely social events too with free food and drink.

    A great thing about DOK Leipzig is that they really take advantage of the attending filmmakers. At the animation screenings they always acknowledged the filmmakers in the audience at the beginning, had a short Q&A with them after, and then told the audience that the filmmakers would be available the next day at a special free ‘Anima Talk’ in the cafe next door. Here all the attending animators could get together and have a discussion moderated by a festival programmer and answer more questions. Some of these were really great, others a bit boring, really depends on the moderator. But what a great opportunity, for the public, and for the animators to meet each other.

    DOK Leipzig also is the best because they have a program called Zimmer Frei where they arrange for a visiting filmmaker to stay at a local resident’s place and in exchange the host gets some free tickets. A lovely thing that really saves the filmmakers a ton of money and allows them to meet local residents also.

    It was also really fun to see a documentary here or there, something you don’t get the chance to do at regular animation festivals. Can’t recommend this one highly enough!

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