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Bradford Animation Festival


Bradford, United Kingdom

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  1. friendlyanimator
    January 6th, 2015 at 03:04 | #1

    I attended BAF with a short in 2014. There were highs and lows.

    Highs: the guests the festival had arranged for special lectures/talks were really cool: Michel Ocelot, Joanna Quinn, Peter Lord, someone from LAIKA, etc. If you went to the hotel bar in the evening (even if you weren’t staying there) you could find them there and chat with them. The programming was pretty solid. The festival paid for one night of hotel.

    Lows: I think there was only one other attending filmmaker. All the badges were small, the same color and with small writing so it was impossible to tell at a glance who was a filmmaker and who was a member of the public. The festival didn’t do Q&As or acknowledge the attending filmmakers who might have been in the audience for their own screening. In fact no one even introduced the screenings. So it was very hard for attending filmmakers to even see who else was attending. I was there the whole week and only met one other filmmaker. I didn’t even meet any of the festival programmers or organizers, besides the volunteers. So that was pretty dispiriting. Also for the audience award they only let people know about the deadline to hand in the ballots the very same day they were due in, so a lot of people missed the deadline.
    The festival could only pay for one night’s hotel, which is better than nothing, but you were really on your own otherwise. Other festivals have an arrangement with locals where you can crash at their place in exchange for movie tickets, or they at least have deals with affordable hotels. None of that. Not even any information on how to reach the city from the airport, or discounts at the museum cafe, which was really overpriced.

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