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San Francisco, California

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  1. johngoren
    July 24th, 2010 at 10:28 | #1

    There’s a reason our city is no longer making lists of the top 10 places for creative types.

    So anyhow: These people agreed to show a short film I’d shot that had been featured on BoingBoing. Then they sent out an e-mail demanding that we provide them with a one-sheet poster. Spent $75 on printing. (Yeah, I know, but I thought it would make a good keepsake.)

    To drop off my poster, I bounded on down to the sub-WIlliamsburg grime of the Mission District and knocked on the door of the Roxie. (That’s the theater until recently associated with the New College, a local hippie institution recently shuttered by corruption and mismanagement.)

    The door opened and an unfriendly man took my poster. I began to ask how I could get it back, but he closed the door in my face.

    On the night of the screening, I headed back to the Roxie, excited to see my poster in the ticket window. Instead, these people had put up a random 8 x 11” printer page from my press kit. It looked ridiculous.

    Never got my poster back. The screening itself was ghetto. While all the Burners in the nice main theater were watching a movie about themselves, I ended up in a threadbare side theater with a hostess whose introduction made my doc sound as if it were some crazy UFO thing whose contest fee they’d nevertheless been happy to take.

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