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  1. Moped Jones
    September 7th, 2013 at 12:55 | #1

    Ah I’ve been looking forward to writing this review ever since I found out how much of a crap fest this “festival” really is.

    First off, the “festival” is put on by Spookshow Entertainment, which is headed by Willy Adkins. Somehow FOUR (yes FOUR!) of Willy’s films found their way into the festival. They “earned” a total of seven nominations, including “Best Director” for none other than Willy Adkins himself!

    Throw in the fact that the festival takes place in a hipster cafe in DeKalb (not a theater in Chicago, which is what it said when I submitted)is also a red flag. Filmmakers spend a lot of time and money making their film. A good festivals know that they owe the filmmaker a screening that takes place in an actual THEATER!

    Just for the record, my film got in and was nominated for 3 awards. Once I found out that the festival director was so desperate for an award that he’d be willing to give one to himself, I completely lost interest in attending this “festival”. Who does that? I couldn’t even do that as a joke, let alone seriously.

    I would also recommend not submitting to any of Spookshow Entertainment’s other 5 festivals. They are just lame attempts for Willy to play his own movies and nominate himself for even more awards while trying to pretend he’s a legit filmmaker.

    Save yourself some money and pass on any “festival” Spookshow Entertainment (or Willy Adkins) is a part of.

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