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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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  1. Jase of Base
    July 30th, 2011 at 18:16 | #1

    Well, I have mixed feelings about this festival. I would like to give a 2.5 but that wasn’t an option so I rounded down. They weren’t worthy of three stars in my opinion.

    PROS – This festival had some really good films. Most festivals I’ve gone to have god awful films. There were actually a half dozen or so that I enjoyed. There were some real stinkers in there, don’t get me wrong. But I was surprised to see as many decent ones as I did.

    CONS – There is no industry presence at all. There isn’t much going on in Cedar Rapids so you’d think they could get one of the local TV stations down there to hype the event. Or even the local newspaper. Nope. Nada. Zip. Nothing. It seemed most of the people didn’t even know there was a festival (and this thing has been around almost 10 years, pretty sad). That being said, the turn out wasn’t all that good. Our film screened twice and averaged about 25 people.

    They only had 60 submissions this year and took 42 of them. They are really limiting themselves by only taking films that have Iowa connections.

    Then if you want to sell merchandise they FORCE you to sell it through their table. And they get a cut out of every DVD sold. I don’t think you should be forced to be part of that. They don’t own the theater and they don’t own your DVD’s. They have no business taking a cut of your DVD sales. They already made money off you with your entry fee.

    They also have NO Q&A’s, which I think is awful. That’s one of the best parts of a film festival. Hearing about how the filmmakers made their film.

    They pride themselves in offering a 15 minute critique session with their judges. I’d would guess these “judges” are just as established in the film industry as I am, so their input at this point would most likely be a waste of time. I know what my film’s flaws were, and most of that is b/c we didn’t have much money to make the film. I just didn’t think 15 minutes of their insight would be very beneficial to me. This critique thing must be somewhat of a big deal b/c they seemed almost offended that we passed on it. Sorry guys. If you were as good as you think you are you would be making movies instead of being judges at a small town festival.

    This festival could & should be much bigger than it is. Cedar Rapids is big enough to where the seats should be packed at the tiny theater. The local TV stations should be there as well as the local newspapers. If this festival ever gets run by someone that knows what they are doing it could get pretty big. But until then, they will be another small crappy festival that does nothing for your career.

    (btw, we won an award, so I’m not some bitter filmmaker turd sandwich) Actually, that reminds me, one of the prizes that came with our trophy was this camera mount thing that was valued at $300. They gave us a card with the info on it and we were supposed to call it to redeem the prize. We called the number several times. No answer. Left several messages. Nothing. I even emailed the festival to ask them about it and they didn’t answer my email either.

    That’s why I rounded down to a 2. The only reason they didn’t get a 1 is b/c they had some decent films.

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