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Ocoee, Florida

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  1. byebyethrow001
    June 17th, 2015 at 02:22 | #1

    Let’s just start off by saying the festival director is a rude, go-nowhere asshole. After submitting my film, supplying a kind comment, paying $50.00 and giving them THREE DVDs, (who screens with DVDs and needs three?), the festival director wrote to me and started a letter off by mocking me for the way I complimented them. He used terminology that I didn’t even use in my letter! He said I was on a road to not having the “honor” of screening and learning the tools of the trade from him.

    He disqualified me and promoted his films, as well as his friends’, to the festival. He went out of his way to tell me that.

    Thanks for the honor, now keep my fries hot, Bob.

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  2. Micki
    May 13th, 2010 at 11:29 | #2

    I have to say something here:

    Mr. Lou Z clearly was at the very same festival I was – and had his eyes open. Wide open.

    Mr. Neemis on the other hand went to another festival or went to the wrong theatre – maybe he went to the regular screening rooms where Inglorious Basterds was playing, thus the paying audience he saw. Oh, now that makes sense.

    Or Mr. Neemis has never been to a festival before, which also makes a lot of sense.

    Or maybe Mr. Neemis is a friend/hanger on/sycophant of the promoters (I saw a handful of those there). After all, of all the things he could’ve commented on his greatest accomplishment there was meeting the Mayor…

    And I won’t comment on the screenwriters breakfast because I didn’t attend this one (but I did the others and Mr. Z got those right as well). Maybe they did ONE of those right? It could be…

    Either way, as a participating filmmaker I gotta say that CENFLO was a regretful and pathetic attempt at a festival and Mr. Z got it quite right.

    I wish other filmmakers who share the same opinion as me and Mr. Lou Z (and there are quite a few, I know that for a fact) posted their opinions here as well in order to help other filmmakers.

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  3. Neemis
    March 22nd, 2010 at 07:18 | #3

    We had a wonderful time at CENFLO. Most of the screenings we went to were well attended and there were members of the public and not just film makers there -which was great.

    My short film was well received and I chatted to lots of different interesting people. Personally I enjoyed meeting the Mayor and at least he was supporting the Film Festival.

    The highlight for me was probably the screenwriters breakfast but there were other enjoyable events.

    Everyone was very friendly and helpful and I will certainly be re-submitting this year.

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  4. Lou Z
    March 7th, 2010 at 14:17 | #4

    Jesus, where do I start? Let me try to be brief.

    There’s no audience. Because there’s no marketing. The films are screened in the wrong format. All of them. There is no presentation for the short film programs, they are just screened. No Q&As for them either.

    The panels and workshops are also scantily crowded and although they have some interesting guests they also have the (dis)organizer and all the B.S. you can possibly imagine coming out of his mouth, from badmouthing new filmmakers to badmouthing Sundance and other festivals.

    The parties also suck – and that’s because the embarrassment for being in such a horrible festival spreads out like a plague and therefore the filmmakers either don’t feel like partying or prefer to go to a secluded place together and share their hatred and disappointment in the festival. Or maybe it’s because every single time the (dis)organizer talks to a filmmaker the line is, “I hope you have been learning a lot here from us”. The question here is WHAT are we suppose to have been learning: How NOT to do a festival? How to select festivals better? Where NOT to come next time around?

    The guy also has a second favorite line, which is: “I am a successful commercial filmmaker”. But that one is not meant for you, but only for himself. ‘Cause all it takes is to watch one of his films to prove him wrong. If he’s a filmmaker a hot dog vendor is a chef. Maybe that’s why he makes a living working at a theme park ride. Nonetheless, there he is trying to convince himself he’s a filmmaker and us on the other side having to hear it. Over and over again.

    But that’s not the only illusion he tries to create – after the festival is over he divulges information about it to the press and the amount of people he states attended the festival to my knowledge is not correct AT ALL. I should know since I’ve been there for the whole thing.

    The amount of films submitted is also not right in my opinion. Because although we’ve had some truly great films there there were also some stinking turds that make you wonder how come somebody selected that. The answer came from the grapevine – it seems there were so few films submitted that they were forced to select all (bar the unwatchable) in order to have a complete programming. Sadly enough, some of the good films were just screened once, so if there were a brain behind the programming some of the trash could’ve been thrown out on behalf of the real good ones. Oh, well.

    Something funny: he introduces the Mayor of the town to everyone. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? “Mister Mayor, those filmmakers came from miles away to offer our town their fine films. Let’s thank them”. But no, which makes clear that the (dis)organizer doesn’t make this in order to promote films, but to promote himself within his community. So DO NOT SUBMIT TO CENLFO, all you’ll be doing is financing his personal marketing in his little town.

    The only thing they did right was the closing party (some the award choices were rather questionable, however), but there’s a reason for that: a) it was the guy’s wife who did it and not him; b) they think that by giving you a good last impression you’ll forget all the bad ones which came previously. Well, think again.

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