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Angelus Student Film Festival


Hollywood, California

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  1. Scott Thompson
    October 23rd, 2009 at 17:26 | #1

    This is a really high-quality, well organized festival. It takes place at the DGA in Hollywood and they put on a super evening of excellent films, a classy reception and even an after-party at California Pizza Kitchen for the filmmakers (which is better than it sounds!). Run by Family Theater Productions, a Catholic organization, they choose films with humanitarian themes and the results really show. Every film seems to have substance and quality of some sort which is a nice change from many festivals. After watching their evening of winning films you really come away moved and inspired.

    It’s not a traditional festival. The way it works is that you apply and then get short-listed a few times before they announce the 8-10 or so winners. They then screen the winners at once on one select evening and they screen the runners up/nominees during the afternoon. My main disappointment with this festival was that I was a winner but they told me there wasn’t enough time to screen my film in the evening with the other winners (and with a packed audience) so they had to screen my film in the afternoon with the runners-ups and a very very small audience. I didn’t find this to be classy in the least.

    The other thing – now I’m on a roll – that bugged me was that they have a number of trips for some of the winners to screen their films in other places, i.e. Prague, Rome, Notre Dame, Colorado. And they also take some of the winners to Sundance for the week. The thing is they choose a bunch of the winners and pretty much take them everywhere and the other winners don’t go anywhere at all. I suppose they have their reasons for this but it kind of sucks if you’re one of the ones who doesn’t go anywhere. You got it… me.

    On a final positive note… their cash prizes are superb, especially for a short (student) film festival. They range from something like $1500 to $10,000. Pretty nice.

    All in all, if your film fits within their themes and criteria, definitely apply.

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