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  1. Festival Phanatic
    November 30th, 2014 at 10:23 | #1

    I attended TFF in 2014 and it was an amazing experience. The town itself is nestled in the mountains and offers amazing views. All of the screening venues are a quick walk or bike ride away (one is accessible via gondola!). The venues are all very well-organized and clean with excellent picture quality and audio.

    The festival offers a large variety of films screened during the weekend and is often where many large films premiere before going onto Toronto/New York and the box office. I was able to see Foxcatcher, Birdman, The Imitation Game, and more. There were also many foreign and independent films being screened, so there is really something for everybody that goes. The festival also hosted several forums with filmmakers and journalists that were free to watch, in addition to hosting many Q&A sessions with the actors/directors of films after each screening.

    One thing I really enjoy about TFF is that it attracts cinephiles, filmmakers, and celebrities alike. I ran into multiple filmmakers during the festival, including Channing Tatum, Francis Ford Coppola, and Jon Stewart. I think this is really unique to Telluride; everyone intermingles for the weekend to enjoy film.

    The only complaint I have about Telluride is the necessity of money. It cost me over $400 to stay three nights in a crummy motel over an hour from the actual town. Not only this, but getting food in Telluride proved to be costly. While this isn’t the festival’s fault, anyone wanting to go to TFF definitely needs to plan their budget. I also say money is necessary because I went without a pass and this proved to be unwise. I was not able to get into many screenings despite waiting in line for hours for them. In particular, I waited three hours in line to see a screening of Foxcatcher with a Q&A from Tatum, Steve Carell, and director Bennet Miller. This was particularly frustrating because many passholders were able to walk in and see the screening without waiting in line. I chose not to buy a pass because the cheapest one ($390) only offered admission to a limited selection of screening, and the pass that offered admission to ALL screenings was close to $800. If you are planning on going, I highly recommend saving your money and buying a pass so your weekend isn’t spent waiting in line.

    Overall, TFF is a fantastic festival. The celebrity presence, selection of films, organization, and management made it an awesome experience. But, I’ll say again, YOU REALLY NEED MONEY TO GO TO THIS FESTIVAL AND ENJOY IT.

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